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Giving siblings their right to reunite

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Bringing separated siblings together – at the heart of our mission, despite COVID-19

COVID-19 has made connecting with those we love incredibly difficult.  Stopping by to visit or check on family members was so much easier just a few months ago! Most of us are counting down the days until we can reconnect and catch up. 

This is the predicament of many Washington children who are growing up separated from their siblings as a result of foster care, kinship placements and adoption. We, at Camp To Belong Washington, are committed to continuing our mission of reuniting siblings who are growing up separated from each other. 

While the current pandemic conditions have forced us to put our typical year-round programming on hold, this hurdle also has encouraged us to be more creative with our planning. Instead of meeting at camp this summer, campers who registered met online for a "virtual" camp experience, including different activities each day. We also will be hosting several activities during the fall and holiday season designed to bring small groups of siblings together safely as communities across Washington begin to open.

Check out our calendar to see what’s scheduled. Registration for fall and winter Sibling Reunite activities will open Sept. 1, but you can add your name to the contact list by clicking on the gold "camper" button above and entering your contact information. We’ll send you an email in August to remind you to register. Volunteers can leave their contact information by clicking the gold "volunteer" button above. "volunteer" button above.

Looking forward to more opportunities to keep separated brothers and sisters connected all year long!


Director Deb Kennedy

and the Camp To Belong family

Camp To Belong Washington – because the brothers and sisters who helped them endure abuse and neglect are no longer by their side 

For many reasons, children entering foster care and other out-of-home care must be placed in different homes. The brothers and sisters many have leaned on through times of trouble are no longer standing beside them giving their support and comfort, adding to their trauma and sense of isolation. For some kids in care, visits with separated siblings are rare because they are placed in different cities or across the state. 

Camp To Belong Washington believes these children have a right and a deep need to spend time with each other when it is impossible for them to live together. Their time at our camps and at other CTB WA activities helps siblings stay connected. And being with other youth who have experienced the same trauma helps them realize they are not alone.


Each summer, brothers and sisters reunite at Miracle Ranch on Horseshoe Lake on the beautiful Key Peninsula.  They laugh, cry, experience hope, begin healing, and create positive memories that will last a lifetime.



At Camp To Belong Washington,

our programs create the opportunities

for separated

brothers and sisters to make happy memories together that will

last a lifetime.


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Deborah Bauer, left, receiving the 2019 CTB WA Volunteer of the year award from Director Deb Kennedy.

Taking a dip in fab swimsuits!

Thanks to Title Nine® and our partner, the Ticket to Dream Foundation, CTB WA has stylish new swimsuits for female campers. Several virtual campers already have chic swimsuits for summer swimming and sunbathing.

Swimsuits are available to girls who attended virtual camp this summer or were campers in 2019. Get in touch if you'd like a chick new swimsuit. Sizes available range from women's x-small to x-large. Email

Thanks Title Nine and Ticket to Dream!



Fall fun for siblings!

Like you, we're missing all the great sibling campers, amazing volunteers and camp events that make our summer camp so cool, So we're making a fall and winter schedule of fabulous, fun activities for brothers and sisters to get together in small groups. Here's what's scheduled now. More events are planned. Event registration begins Sept. 1, and because of coronavirus restrictions, space is limited. See the events calendar page for more information.

Oct. 10

Pumpkin Patch

Western Washington

Location TBA

Oct. 17

Pumpkin Patch

Eastern Washington

Location TBA

What they're saying ...

Ross Hunter, Secretary of the Washington Dept. of Children, Youth, and Families, talks during a 2019 visit to camp about the importance of CTB WA's work to bring separated siblings together.

Celebrating 12 happy years of reuniting siblings!   

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