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2019 Camp To Belong Washington volunteers

Got an hour, a day or a week to give?

You can make a difference in a child's life

Have a heart for foster youth?

Our campers are some of the most resilient, amazing kids we know, and every year, we find ourselves looking forward to the next.

Our all-volunteer staff members come from from every age group and from all walks of life. What they share is a passion for the mission of Camp To Belong: Helping siblings maintain their relationship, grow and create happy memories that have nothing to do with being in foster care.


Each staff member brings his or her own skills, talents and experience to help make the goal a reality.

The CTB WA summer camp staff consists of full-time counselors, nurses, safety officers, administrators and more than 100 day volunteers.


The rest of the year, volunteers can get involved by working on CTB WA’s sibling get-togethers and fundraising activities. Because of coronavirus restrictions, many of those are VIRTUAL right now, meaning you can volunteer, no matter where you live!

We are searching for responsible, team-oriented, caring adults –people who can serve as role models and inspire the young people we serve at camps and events. A background check is required, including for virutal events.

Ready for an adventure?

CTB WA is waiting for you!

A camper leaves a message for his sibling on one of the many quilts Deb has made.

Meet Deborah Bauer, our 2019 Volunteer of the Year

Deborah Bauer is one of those people who never seek the limelight, but who make organizations like ours successful by pouring their hearts and time into them. Deb was named our CTB WA Volunteer of the Year for 2019 in recognition of all she has done, not only this year but every year since she began volunteering.

Deb joined the CTB WA family in 2010 and quickly found ways to work behind the scenes sewing sibling pillows and quilts for more than 100 kids each year who attend our summer camp program. It is a true labor of love. She not only cuts and sews them, but also donates much of the fabric for this project.


Over the years, Deb also has served as a lead counselor and cabin lead, and in 2016, joined Camp To Belong’s leadership team. Deb, or “Nightengale,” as she is known at summer camps, is the wife of a retired U.S. Air Force husband and the mother of seven grown children.  Five of her sons have served in the U.S. Army.

CTB WA has been one of Deb’s passions for 10 years, and we are grateful for this volunteer, one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet! We treasure her common sense, organizational skills and willingness to take on big projects and do them well – but most of all, we prize her for inspiring all of us at CTB WA to be the best we can be.

Are you someone who ...

— Enjoys spending time with kids?

— Like being part of a  team?

— Is flexible and adaptable?

— Likes creative solutions?

— Likes to laugh?

— Enjoys being outdoors?

— Is 21 or older? (18, if qualified)

— Is a good role model?

— Able to pass a background check?

— Wants to give back

     to your community?

What our volunteers say ...

I came expecting to change a child’s life, but I am the one who is forever changed.” - Rachel

“Every year that I’m here, I have more respect for what these kids go through. I can’t imagine spending my time off anywhere else.” - Sam


“This might be the best kept secret in foster care!  In a world where so much heartache exists, it’s really nice to be part of a team that truly wants to do something positive in the lives of kids.” –   Anna

“I grew up in the foster care system, separated from my siblings. I wish this camp had been around then. I will be back and I will keep coming back.”  - John

What to expect as a fulltime volunteer

Fulltime volunteers staff our camps and live on-site in cabins during camp, where they serve as counselors, nurses, safety officers and administrators.


Can't be fulltime? We need daytime, event and behind-the-scene volunteers during camp and through the year! We love our team! 

Becoming part of the CTB WA Family

Volunteer staff members at Camp To Belong Washington become like family to us. We want to encourage, help and support you while you are at camp and stay in touch afterwards. CTB WA relies on its volunteers; our camps and other activities could not happen without you. And year after year, our campers have an amazing experience because our team of volunteers work together to make that happen..

Preparation through training

Our fulltime counselors and other key staff members participate in a mandatory pre-camp training designed to help volunteers gel into a team and learn about the kids we'll be serving. It’s a great time to connect with veteran staff members. Team-building is crucial, so attendance is not negotiable. Fulltime volunteers need to make necessary arrangements to attend.

Counselors sleep in cabins with campers. Typically, three counselors and eight campers are housed in each cabin. with boys and girls separated at night. Other volunteers also are housed in cabins. Our cabins are heated, include bunks with basic mattresses and a bathroom with a shower. Volunteers bring their own bedding, towels and toiletries.

Dietary needs 

A special diet can be arranged with our host camp if you have special dietary needs.


Volunteers receive an hour and twenty-minute break each day. The time can be used to check email, return a phone call, take a nap, grab a coffee or run errands off-campus.  ​

CTB WA maintains a Facebook page where volunteers can find information about the year's camp themes, join a conversation with fellow volunteers and meet team members before camp.  Once we have processed your application, you will be added to the Facebook group.


Have a question about volunteering?
Contact deb@camptobelongwa.org

PO Box 1002   Port Orchard WA 98366

deb@camptobelongwa.org  |  Tel: 360.731.7268

Camp To Belong Washington is a Non-Profit  501(c)3 TAX ID # 81-1484241

Camp To Belong Washington does not and will not discriminate in any of its programs, activities or operations based on race, color, religion/creed, gender, gender expression, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, marital status or sexual orientation. Camp To Belong Washington is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming experience for campers, volunteers and those serving in its organization's leadership.

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